Offering Tele-Health during COVID-19 meeting of 2 April 2020 (revised 18 July)

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Offering Tele-Health during COVID-19 meeting of 2 April 2020

At a difficult time like today we find ourselves supporting families in new ways.  What is different about supporting parenting in close proximity and distance therapy? Is it possible to effectively implement distance coaching?

Parents and professionals are experiencing the effects of stressors that leave us all feeling vulnerable and exposed.  Stress undermines our capacity for self regulation.  Online, everyone enters each other’s personal space, and to do this one must be very compassionate with oneself and with the other. The discussion here offers ideas for professionals of every child-oriented field, whether didactic or developmental.

Given the doubts and uncertainties that emerged between the Italian therapists of different backgrounds, Rossana Giorgi and Serena Suman, both DIR® & DirFloortime Expert & Training leaders, organized a community discussion to address this complex issue.




Crisis and Opportunity

   Crisis and Opportunity


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Barbara Kalmanson, PhD is a Licensed Psychologist and Special Educator in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a National Fellow of Zero-to-Three, Senior Faculty for the Interdisciplinary Council for Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL) and Senior Faculty of the Profectum Foundation.