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To The Ones Who Love Me –

 By Sima Gerber, Jessica Connelly, Jessica Curran, and Elissa Olivera 

This charming series of books is based on research in early childhood development, from birth to 12 months of age. 

Each book features a different area of development – cognitive, motor, social-emotional, and language – and addresses key milestones that lead to the baby’s speech and language learning. 

The books are written in the baby’s voice, as if she were talking to her Mom or Dad or caregiver: ‘I love to look at you when you smile at me and talk to me. Watch how I move my body to communicate with you!’ 

And the take home message is… 

Everything babies do will add to their learning. But, there is no more important experience for a child’s development than her relationship with her caregiver and the time spent playing together! 

The profits from the books are being donated to a foundation which will provide scholarships to children who are in need of speech and language therapy at the Queens College Speech-Language-Hearing Center. 

To The Ones Who Love Me The books are available on